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The demand for talent in the Cleantech and Renewable Energy industry is unquenchable, giving a new significance to the war for talent. We are here to help you win it!

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Win the War for Talent in Solar Industry with the Right Executive Search Partner

The war for talent in the energy sector is fuelled by the increasing global recognition that the looming climate catastrophe can only be averted through a decisive transition from fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives, the adoption of circular economy practices, and a growing emphasis on sustainability.

Pacific’s Solar Energy clients such as Enstall, Maxeon Solar Technologies, or Solplanet understand that acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. When access to talent is scarce retaining the right Trusted Advisor and Executive Search partner is that secret ingredient that makes all the difference.

Pacific’s multi-national, multi-lingual team brings different lived experiences to the table. This helps to build meaningful connections, trust, and engagement with industry leaders. It translates into our ability to attract and place the best talent for our client faster than other firms.

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Why is Pacific International Your Right Talent Partner?

The Cleantech and Renewable Energy space is crowded with Executive Recruiters so choosing the right Trusted Partner is an important decision to make. In Pacific, you will find:

Trust and Confidentiality

Renewable Energy is the fastest growing sector at Pacific International. An increasing number of companies trust Pacific with key business-critical talent requirements and confidential senior-level roles. Pacific has established secure systems, processes, and procedures to successfully complete these mandates.

Industry Expertise and Ability to Understand and Match Culture

Through exceptional functional, cultural, and industry expertise, we guide businesses toward diverse high-impact appointments that transform their business and secure their future. Our extensive cross-sector networks and thorough research-led sourcing process enables us to identify and attract highly qualified passive talent other companies may miss.

Speed of Project Delivery

We commit to our clients and candidates for the long haul. Our multi-national, multi-lingual team build rapport, trust, and engagement with the top talent. This translates into our ability to attract and place the best candidates for our client is the shortest possible time. With our 20-day shortlist guarantee and an average timeline of just 90 days from the initial intake call to candidate offer acceptance, we outpace the industry's 6-month average by a wide margin.

Unwavering Support for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Cleantech and Renewable Energy Sectors have traditionally been very male-dominated. We champion diversity for every engagement and it is our relentless drive to help companies appoint leaders from underrepresented groups that enable us to achieve success in this area. Over 40% of all our successfully introduced candidates over the last 3 years were diverse hires.

Proven Track Record of Delivering Results for Our Clients

We commit to our clients for the long haul by focusing on adding value not only through finding exceptional talent but also between projects by providing sector insights and industry benchmarks, helping with onboarding and retention strategies and acting as our clients’ brand ambassadors among senior industry leaders. Over 80% of all new projects we are engaged in come from our existing clients, a number we are working hard to improve year-on-year.

Peace of Mind with Our Placement Guarantee

We are committed to standing behind our work therefore we offer between 6-12 months placement guarantee, meaning if the candidate leaves or is terminated, we will find a replacement at no additional cost to the client.

Renewable Energy Executive Search


The acquisition of the best talent, the development of the right growth strategies and CAPEX investments will be critical to the success of businesses in this fast-changing industry sector.

With a rich history spanning over a decade in this sector, Pacific International Executive Search has forged partnerships with industry giants like Vestas, LM Wind Power and Amara NZero. Our unparalleled expertise in innovation and transformation uniquely positions us to guide companies in this space through the strategic sourcing and acquisition of top-tier leadership talent, ranging from senior management to board level.

Trust Pacific to be your partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of leadership recruitment, ensuring success and growth for your organization.

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In Pacific International, we found a reliable partner who have proven to bring the mission of Enstall (formerly Esdec Solar Group) to life for potential candidates, match them with the right positions, and make them enthusiastic to join us. We gave them complex assignments in different countries and they delivered every time on their commitments. Pacific International matches our company culture which is probably the best foundation for our cooperation and collective success.

Rolf Voerman, Global VP Human Resources, Enstall

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Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen has gained attention as a solution for addressing climate change and contributing to a more sustainable and low-carbon energy future. It has versatile applications across many sectors:

  • as an energy carrier, helping to address intermittency issues associated with renewable energy sources like solar and wind,
  • in transportation as a clean alternative to traditional internal combustion engines,
  • in industrial processes such as heating, refining, and chemical production as a clean substitute to reduce carbon emissions

to name just a few.

Companies such as Air Products trust in Pacific’s expertise and renewable energy network reach capability to identify and attract high-impact transformational talent to scale their operations and reach its business goals.

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Energy Storage

Energy storage plays a pivotal role in the modern energy landscape. Energy storage systems help maintain a stable and reliable electrical grid in times where volatility and uncertainty in energy supplies threaten access to energy.

Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, are intermittent and weather-dependent. Energy storage enables the effective integration of these renewables into the grid by storing surplus energy when it’s abundant and releasing it when demand is high, overcoming the variability of these sources.

Pacific’s specialist team understands these challenges and engages with the purpose-driven leaders to create future talent pipelines for this critical industry.

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Lead consultant - Renewable Energy and Cleantech Executive Search

It takes a tight collaboration between internal Talent Acquisition teams and a knowledgeable Executive Search partner to sort out the fiercely fought-over pool of candidates, to create the appeal and confidence for them to decide to take the leap and join a new company. We’ve experienced this kind of success with Pacific International, getting leads that precisely fit our needs and benefiting from their ability to help both ourselves and the candidates see the mutual connection. I personally very much value the support I receive from the Pacific team and look forward to our continued work together.

Vincent Maurice, Senior Director & General Manager, Maxoen Solar Technologies

Pacific is doing a great job finding exceptional talent for our company, exactly what I expect from an Executive Search specialist of their caliber who is invested in our success. What I particularly like is that they never fail to spot high-impact individuals and challenge us in the right way to see the value they are bringing to the table. We are happy to work with the Pacific team and I look forward to our collaboration on future projects.

Frank Schulte, Managing Director for D-A-CH and Benelux at Solplanet

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