Chemical and Process Industry Executive Search

Chemical and Process Industry Executive Search

Sustainability mandates, evolving regulations, and supply chain disruptions due to geopolitical uncertainties are pressing challenges for the Chemical and Process Industry. Adapting requires a holistic reassessment of production methods. Without transformative high-impact talent, overcoming these hurdles is daunting. Our experts are here to facilitate your success.

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Pacific has been pivotal in EU and the US manufacturing talent turnaround over the last few years and building high performing talent pipelines for the future. Pacific’s ability to listen and understand our business needs & challenges and co-elaborate solutions has been tremendous. Current market conditions are challenging, we count on Pacific to continue help us attract the best of the best.

Magali Eyraud, Corporate HR Leader, Manufacturing Excellence, Owens Corning

High-impact Talent is Critical to Solve the Chemical and Process Industry’s Key Challenges

Demand for transformational talent within the sector has reached unprecedented levels. This surge is driven by environmental and sustainability pressures on businesses, leading to intensified efforts in several key areas:

  • Implementing sustainability initiatives
  • Transforming product portfolios
  • Optimizing and managing supply chains and operations
  • Undertaking digital transformations

Pacific’s clients such as Air Products, DuPont, Owens Corning or Synthomer understand that acquiring the right talent is the most important key to overcome these challenges and ensure continued growth. When access to talent is scarce benefiting from the expertise and experience of the right Trusted Advisor and Executive Search partner is paramount.

Pacific’s multi-national, multi-lingual team brings deep experiences to the table. This helps to build meaningful connections, trust, and engagement with industry leaders. It translates into our ability to attract and place high-impact talent for our client faster than other firms.

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Why is Pacific International Your Right Talent Partner?

The Chemical and Process Industry requires expert knowledge of the space so choosing the right Talent Partner is an important decision to make. In Pacific, you will find:

Trust and Confidentiality

Industry-leading companies trust Pacific with key business-critical talent requirements and confidential senior-level roles. Pacific has established secure systems, processes, and procedures to successfully complete these mandates.

Industry Expertise and Ability to Understand and Match Culture

Through exceptional functional, cultural, and industry expertise, we guide businesses toward diverse high-impact appointments that transform their business and secure their future. Our extensive cross-sector networks and thorough research-led sourcing process enables us to identify and attract highly qualified passive talent other companies may miss.

Speed of Project Delivery

We commit to our clients and candidates for the long haul. Our multi-national, multi-lingual team build rapport, trust, and engagement with the top talent. This translates into our ability to attract and place the best candidates for our client is the shortest possible time. With our 20-day shortlist guarantee and an average timeline of just 90 days from the initial intake call to candidate offer acceptance, we outpace the industry's average by a wide margin.

Unwavering Support for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Chemical Manufacturing and Process Industries have traditionally been very male-dominated. We champion diversity for every engagement and it is our relentless drive to help companies appoint leaders from underrepresented groups that enable us to achieve success in this area. Over 40% of all our successfully introduced candidates over the last 3 years were diverse hires.

Proven Track Record of Delivering Results for Our Clients

We commit to our clients for the long haul by focusing on adding value not only through finding exceptional talent but also between projects by providing sector insights and industry benchmarks, helping with onboarding and retention strategies and acting as our clients’ brand ambassadors among senior industry leaders. Over 80% of all new projects we are engaged in come from our existing clients, a number we are working hard to improve year-on-year.

Peace of Mind with Our Placement Guarantee

We are committed to standing behind our work therefore we offer between 3-12 months placement guarantee, meaning if the candidate leaves or is terminated, we will find a replacement at no additional cost to the client.

Achieve your Sustainability Goals with the Right Talent

The Chemical and Process Industry is one of the hardest hit by negative publicity. Environmental concerns, such as pollution and waste generation, often place the industry under scrutiny for its impact on air, water, and soil quality. High-profile industrial accidents and chemical spills exacerbate public fears about safety and health risks.

Additionally, the industry’s significant carbon footprint and use of hazardous materials contribute to perceptions of it being a major contributor to climate change and ecological degradation.

Pacific’s specialist team understands these challenges and is determined to engage with purpose-driven leaders to appoint transformational talent for this critical industry.

Get the right talent to achieve your sustainability goals

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Together we Can Change the Face of the Industry

There is substantial evidence to suggest that diversity can lead to improved business outcomes and profitability. A diverse workforce brings a wide range of perspectives, experiences, and ideas, which fosters creativity and innovation. This diversity of thought is crucial for addressing complex industry challenges, such as developing sustainable processes and new materials.

Companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion often have stronger brand reputations and earn trust from stakeholders, including customers, investors, and regulators. This positive reputation can attract talent from a wider pool of candidates, including those with unique skills and experiences that can contribute to business growth and profitability.

Partnering with the right Trusted Executive Search Partner such as Pacific International, one whose unwavering commitment to building inclusive teams from the top down shines through every shortlist and 40% of placements, many in male-dominated industries, will help you achieve your business goals through transformational talent appointments.

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Lead consultant - Chemicals and Process Industry

My journey with Pacific started when a former colleague approached me for the role. The recruitment process involved numerous interviews but Pacific kept me engaged as a candidate and kept me in the loop at all times. I was impressed that they did not push me and gave me the space to reflect, always asking the right questions. I loved the fact that the team at Pacific took time to get to understand who I was and what I needed to be the best I could be.​

When the process got a little bit hectic as it sometimes does, they never made me feel it, they kept it away and communicated patiently throughout. It was a comfortable process.

Liesl Weber, European Communications Leader at Owens Corning

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