The Challenge

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Given the fact that the new division was growing quite rapidly and had already sold their products, they needed an experienced and dedicated Program Manager to manage projects and successfully complete the programs. The client needed a proven candidate with a strong track record in bringing success to programs given the growth of the organization. 

The Solution

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Since Pacific had previously delivered candidates across the business globally, the client asked us to deliver on one of their most crucial and newest division. The team turned to us as we had just delivered their new leader.  They were looking for someone that was reliable, trustworthy and a go getter for the organization.

Utilizing our knowledge of the U.S. market, we were able to place a candidate from a direct competitor. This candidate was extremely skilled in Program Management and had diverse industry experience. He had previously been in similar roles across the automotive industry.

The Results

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The successful candidate was identified, interviewed, and accepted an offer. With his extensive background in Program Management and customer experience the candidate hit the ground running and even has a desk at one of their main customer’s sites. He was able to stay in his current location given the proximity to high profile customers.